Bulevar de Sanchinarro


Given that regulations require setbacks of 7.5 m to boundaries, the interior courtyards in Sanchinarro, although the apples are huge, are shady and of a very unpleasant size and proportion.

The solution we implemented is the opening of the block with a progressive terracing of the two free ends of the building.

The image sought arises from a visit we made, while in the race, to Macael. If someone has seen a marble quarry they can certainly get caught by the beauty of it. The marble is cut with a metallic thread that allows the stones to be cut in  large rectangular blocks, leaving a geometric landscape embedded in nature, making Hatshepsut temple really beautiful. Our asymmetric and unequal stepping pretends to be an echo of that beautiful geometry.

For the management of the thousands of changes in project and work, product of the personalization of each one of the houses, we exhaustively use BIM and SAP technology. Each change of architecture or facilities of each home was updated in the commercial file for the signature of the client and automatically, without human intervention, this change was reflected in all project documents. In addition, we implemented in all processes of the Wrike study, a system that allows us to link, from the first draft of the project to the book of the building, from the communications of the clients to the definitive documents signed by them, the project documents, the acts of work, the budgets of the particular reforms …

Once again, technology allowed us to take a step forward in product control and customer orientation.