Good architecture is the one which answers questions ,the better and more accurate the question is, the better architecture responds to it.

Where would you like to work?

  • in contact with nature, achieving the best possible atmosphere to be productive and happy.
  • in a personalized place: away from the big offices with giant spaces.
  • near a window: With large windows which make us feel that we are in an open place.
  • in a place with orderly flows: Stratifying and clearly separating its functions, giving each of them a specific personality and harmonizing them
  • in a place with spectacular common areas where you can unwind to give the best of yourself: A building well equipped with common areas for recreation and services in contact with the outside environment.
  • in a responsible and sustainable building: with use of solar energy, landscape adapted by orientation, rainwater harvesting and minimum consumption of energy.

We believe that this building manages to answer the initial question and the specifications of the program. This is achieved by a clear and resounding operating scheme. An organic basement is created with the most public program in a contained manner with security control at the entrance hall. A completely transparent level of restoration is created which manages to disconnect, thanks to its stilt structure, the public and private areas of the program which in turn interweaves with the environment, connecting the building with the urban plot with the most public parts. Offices are the origin and culmination of the project. We believe we have created a unique, attractive and dynamic display of architecture because of its brightness, spaciousness, contact with nature, open spaces, interiors and exteriors. Together with the rest of the intervention, we believe that it responds to the question: Where would you like to work?