Torrevieja. Someone defined “The Lord of the Rings” as a lightning bolt in the middle of a sunny and cloudless sky.Our Torrevieja project is something like that. In a population with a homogeneous plot of buildings of 5 floors, our towers rise almost 100 meters high. Like Íkarus, they seem to try to touch the Levantine sun.

The bases from which we started were very restrictive, with a very constrained capable volume that hardly gave us any freedom of movement. With these circumstances we chose to carry out a development with a very subtle narrowing of the Tower in its upper floors and a will to make a game of artifice in the base that will create the illusion that the Towers emerge from the basement.

The verticality of the towers is emphasized by the vertical slits in them and their organic skin seems to have unfolded during the growth of the stems towards the sun, hugging them like a vine.

At its base, the towers continue the lines of the urban fabric and generate a link that connects the city with the coast, an ideal finish for the boardwalk.

The towers have a slight vectorization towards the sea that gives them an aspect of vigilance.

Many hours of work after adopting these premises we had the feeling of having managed to build an icon for this city  through a tower.