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When one begins a relationship with a new client, as if it was a date, you try to impress and prove that you are different from the rest. This does not always work because your client, many times, has different tastes, interests, and aspirations.

But here that wasn’t the case. The idea was a crush and, from minute one, we directed all our efforts to make it possible with the illusion of first dates. The client asked us for a high rise project and we tried to add freshness and singularity to the premises. The client, proactive and respectful of our work, participated in the process by contributing their personal experience but also let us work calmly until we developed a seamless project despite all the complexities.

In this specific case, the main complication was achieving the counter-balanced vertical and horizontal terraces to create total privacy among users and break the geometry at the same time. The building was an addition to a pre-existing luxury residential complex.

The technical challenge is actually more complex than it looks, but the result is worth it and we believe we reached an unexplored architectural archetype in the complex residential market.

Each facade, for example, is treated in a different way because the mechanism only makes sense in an east-west orientated housing model, not in a north-south orientation, where the terraces should always point south, for construction logic.

Another added complication would be the fitting of an outright geometry of two floor plans different from the rest, a first floor plan bigger than the superior floor plans and a smaller rooftop plan. The case of the first floor plan is solved by over exposure and differentiation, creating more round boxes of a bigger size; and in the case of the rooftop the opposite mechanism is used, making it recessed and black so that no coronation is perceived.