Premier Rivas_Melbourne

Morph projects an image of innovation that precedes us and makes our clients expect a breakthrough and even futuristic design from us.

During the conceptual phase of the project, we managed to surprise the client more than an alien spaceship being placed on the plot.

In this case, we worked on innovation, in contrary to the usual direction, recovering the traditional brick for our facade and transferring to Rivas, a model of herringbone architecture, from its more typical location in the beach areas to the wide Castilla. We gave them something they did not expect from us and they liked it, which allowed us to think we should do the same thing in all of our projects if we truly wanted to be disruptive and evolve.

Due to the slender disposition which we bet on, the project manages to generate movement within the plot. This breaks the linearity and monotony that a classical linear configuration usually provides.

The leitmotif of the project was undoubtedly the curved and sinuous shapes composed of the terraces that also reinforce the sensation of movement. These elements maximize the possibilities of the plot, adding value and decomposing the strong inherent character in such a unique plot.

The harmony of the whole is constituted by visually going over the terraces through the continuous band that covers them, linking them into a single aesthetic unit.