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Mijas Green

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In this project the terrain is abrupt, creating retaining walls, the houses adjoin the neighbors and are separated by walls to guarantee their privacy. Our project will result in a disruptive component in the form of walls if we are not able to integrate them well into the architecture. The idea is so global that it allows to solve the different typological variants, its walls and its common areas with the same leitmotiv. To achieve the continuity of the walls, we play with their inclination, like the logo, so that each wall of the plot is folded to form walls and eaves for the houses.

Another idea that differentiates our project is that the row houses are not “slices” as they usually are. Thanks to the idea of ​​generatrix, they are sets of interwoven pieces. In the most exclusive homes, a hint of this idea is maintained but with enough discontinuity to isolate the dwellings more. .

As the orography is very voluptuous , it  allows  almost all the houses to  have views of the sea, which is of an unquestionable value.

The building density is very high but by adjusting the houses and plots by taking advantage of the twists and singular areas of the plot, we have managed to fit the common areas in, making a big difference.Under the idea of ​​bringing the water and the beach closer with a greater degree of security and exclusivity than the beach itself, artificial lakes with sand are created in the plots. This solution, in addition to providing the service of bringing closer the areas of ​​bath and relaxation to the homes, has landscape components of undoubted value. Around these lakes, it is expected to place common services that provide exclusivity to the registered residential complexes in the different plots.

Inside the homes, the priority has been to create rooms that impress with their cleanliness and simplicity, and to design terraces with views in the most singular points of the houses, such as living rooms, kitchens and master bedrooms. One of the main values ​​of the proposal are the excellent views, which is why the different homes have been equipped with large panoramic windows allowing the garden to enter the house thus allowing the inside-outside continuity to take advantage of the local climate.