In this project, we started from the premises, needs of the client and local regulations. To these premises, we added ideas that we believed will increase the value to the promotion: the creation of a spacious patio tempered naturally and fragmentation of the tertiary spaces of the plot in order to create lofts that facilitate its sale and profitability.

With all these premises we developed each part of the building in a way that was optimal for the profitability and the quality of the final product; homes with double orientation and large terraces with plant separations for privacy and freshness and large sun shades to protect them from the heat, terraces to take advantage of the roofs and projections which allow the regulations we reinterpreted to achieve a visual quality of the building …

Step by step, we were polishing the details formally, interweaving the corners of the facades with unique solutions responding to the particular shape of the different facades.

The organic shapes of the curved façade have an echo in the interior facade in the form of terraces which remind us of entering an oasis, a pleasant space where we walk, play or take shelter from the inclement sun of Seville.

In this sense, the building will be for the user, a geode, an unexpected Eden which will welcome you to your home and adorn the views of your terrace and living room. The idea of creating this space comes from Andalusia itself, from the forgotten art of creating patios which were cooled with water, air and vegetation. It is a very limited investment with an economic return in the form of comfort and undoubted quality of life.

The houses are maintained and optimized, endowed with double orientation, with reduced corridors and functional and transformable spaces. It is the result of numerous revisions gradually polishing the imperfections of each piece which will be completed with the joint work with the promoter, which always adds value. Like always, we propose to achieve maximum energy efficiency for numerous reasons, ranging from sustainability to the greatest savings and comfort of our customers.